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Galy 777 Discord Invite

Welcome to the first fan club of Galyverse & Gal Yosef!

The idea is original & simple:
Together with other hardcore Galy fans we will make a big difference by helping uplift Galyverse and its first chapter: Meta Eagle Club (MEC)!

Download whitepaper as PDF (6.13 MB)(Exact same content as page below)


Galy 777 Fan Club is currently minting its first 777 MEC Edition membership passes.
The mint price is 0.0777 each with a total of 777 passes minted.
This will net a total of 60.37 ETH! 77.7% of the amount netted will be used to buy the maximum number of Meta Eagles with the cheapest buy now prices. In other words, a total of 46.91 ETH will be spent on sweeping the MEC floor. At the current floor price of (Currently N/A) ETH Galy 777 fan club will become the proud owner of a maximum total of (Currently N/A) Meta Eagles ...

What is the destiny of these Meta Eagles?

Every single Galy 777 Meta Eagle will be co-owned by all members of the Galy 777 fan club and forcibly held in the Galy 777 Multi-Sig Vault for 7 months. The Multi-Sig Vault has 16 co-owners (16 of the most trusted & independent members of the Galy 777 Fan Club). It requires 7 signatures for any transaction to be executed! After 7 months we will start auctioning the Meta Eagles one by one, starting with the least rare one and working our way up towards the most rare one (hopefully a legendary), generating more and more hype with each successful auction. We will make sure to not flood the market - there will be a maximum of 1 auction per week.
All proceedings from these auctions will be split fairly between the membership pass holders depending on the number of passes they have minted and also staking (yes, Galy 777 is also building a staking system that will work alongside the official $WINGs staking system, more info available down below). Together we will be able to hype up each individual event within the Galyverse to heights never seen before! Everybody has an equal share of the rewards and therefore an equal drive to make it to the Moon, together!

Mint price: 0.0777 ETH + gas

100.00% already sold out!
(Spots filled: 777 / 777)
Galy 777 MEC Edition Official OpenSea collection
How to get the official VIP Galy 777 role?
Mint at least one pass > join the Galy 777 Discord > Verify the Pass (#verify-pass channel) > Done!
(role is added manually by the Boss Eagle himself!)
Gal Yosef Loves Galy 777
(Meta Eagles are initially stored in an intermediate externally owned wallet connected to the smart contract of Galy 777 mint and new additions are being sent to the Galy 777 Multi-Sig Vault regularly)

Is there more to Galy 777 than just sweeping Meta Eagles?
Of course, check this out! Keep reading..

Galy 777 roadmap features the building of a custom metaverse club - an impeccable social space built with Unreal Engine featuring some of the best graphics of all metaverse builds so far and enabling real-time communications between the online users, decorated by the Galyverse art co-owned by the 777 fan club members. It does not aim to compete with the custom metaverse build that Galyverse & Gal Yosef might be planning. Rather it aims to complement it and be open to everybody! We will look to cooperate with the official team as we would love to be able to integrate the full body Meta Eagle avatars into the Galy 777 meta fan club. This is the beauty of the metaverse - anybody with a Dream and a will can become a creator - there should be no hard limits to the scale of what can be Dreamt up and built!

Galy 777 Meta Club will feature two separate areas

A large public gallery & lounge area that is decorated by the art of the Meta Eagles which the Galy 777 fan club owns. Open to everybody to bring new interest to both Galyverse and Galy 777.

A private VIP club area only accessible if you own one of the Galy 777 membership passes with especially great and pleasurable environment design. Also features only the best art co-owned by the 777 fan club members, from the genius of Gal Yosef .

Galy 777 Meta Club beta will be accessible to the club members some months after a successful mint. We are not aiming to build something awfully complex, rather we will keep it simple and implement the barebones required to showcase & appreciate Gal Yosef's art together in a virtual space. In the year 2022, Unreal Engine has made a very rapid development cycle possible! It is the most important item of the Galy 777 roadmap. The remaining 22.3% of the funds left over from the mint after buying floor Meta Eagles will be used to sustain development of the Meta Club.

Disclaimer: for the best experience in the beta you will need a desktop computer with a dedicated graphics card. We will do our best to optimize so that it runs at a solid 60 FPS even with older GPUs but our goal is to provide the best visual experience to those who can afford one of the latest GPUs. Galy 777 Meta Club will feature fully ray-traced graphics (as well as NVIDIA DLSS to increase performance) that will fall back to less performance heavy lighting. After Meta Club is stable on the desktop, we plan to create UI, controls and performance optimizations for the mobile devices as well! In the long run you will be able to tune into the Galy 777 Meta Club from any device from anywhere in the world - eventually even from VR headsets! Check out our roadmap for more details on what to expect in terms of a timeline.

STAKING your Meta Eagles

Galy 777 is implementing an independant staking feature to help increase the Meta Eagle Club floor! This means that you will be able to stake your personal Meta Eagles into the Galy 777 Meta Club!

How does that work?

It will work only through our website ( where you will be able to connect your wallet and choose any number of owned Meta Eagles to stake for free. You will keep full ownership of your Meta Eagles as our staking function will live off-chain (to simplify development as well as reduce friction from unnecessary gas fees). After you have staked your Meta Eagles for at least 48 hours they will be automatically featured on the walls of the Galy 777 Meta Club with your OpenSea account name visible. Our system will periodically check that the staked eagles are not listed for sale throughout each new day. Meta Eagles which have been staked for at least 24 hours will grant its owner’s wallet 1• Meta Eagle Point (• MEP) in the Galy 777 system (your total points will be visible on the Galy 777 website and inside the Meta Club). Staking will be available to both Galy 777 members as well as all other Meta Eagle holders.

Rewards for accumulating • MEP

For the club members

Minting the Galy 777 MEC Edition membership pass grants your wallet address 777• MEP per pass (currently this automatic system is not yet in place, MEPs will be credited to each holder along with the staking release - more information available on Galy 777 Discord). Every additional Meta Eagle you stake grants you 1• MEP per day with a maximum of 4 Meta Eagles staked per membership card in the wallet. At the end of the 7 month period the proceedings from the auctions will be split according to the number of • MEPs each member has accumulated.

For everybody else

Once you have accumulated 77• MEP you will be added to the whitelist of our next group investment and will be able to mint the next edition membership pass! We know that this is just chapter 1 of Galyverse and there will be many more drops in the future which we will buy into as well. If the MEC floor ever needs help in the future we will organize another mint: MEC Second Edition membership pass mint that helps to sweep the floor once again, allowing more members into the Galy 777 fan club! The mint price for this one might be higher depending on the floor at that time. The first edition OG members will still have a priority over newcomers in the future mints but not everybody might want to mint and we might just increase the number of maximum members per mint if there is such demand.

Galyverse Wiki

Roadmap 1.1 now includes building an official Galyverse Wiki which will be a great resource of all things Galyverse in the years to come! We have gotten confirmation that we will get information that is otherwise hard to gather just by internet searches or is just not available directly from Gal Yosef himself.. Galyverse Wiki will include Gal Yosef's personal story (and whatever he wants us to include) as well as trivia about Meta Eagles and all future Galyverse drops! No other NFT has this, Galyverse will pave the way in the Metaverse and Galy 777 is here to help reach the Meta Moon by doing whatever required!

Roadmap 1.1

First 777 whitelisted fans can mint their pass: Expired
If there are any passes left, public mint: Public mint now open!
Sweeping the floor Meta Eagles: On-going
Staking your eagles to accumulate • MEP is released: Third Week of April 2022
Galyverse Wiki is released 20 April 2022
Galy 777 Meta Club beta release to the club members: September/August of 2022
First collective Meta Eagle auction: 20 October 2022
Galy 777 Meta Club release to the public: October/November of 2022
First ETH distributed to the Galy 777 members: 7 November 2022
Galy 777 Meta Club release for mobile devices: January/February of 2023
Galy 777 Meta Club release for VR devices: March/April of 2023

How can I join the Galy 777 mint?

Galy 777 Discord server will serve as our home until the Galy 777 Meta Club is launched.
Public Mint is open right now and will be open until all 777 spots have been filled! The maximum number of mints has been removed per wallet. Mint as many as you want, each one will proportionally increase your stake in the Meta Eagle Vault!

We would be eternally grateful if you wholeheartedly take part in the most crucial stage of growing the Galy 777 fan club and help us find the members needed to complete this relatively small mint. Let me remind you that the price is only 0.0777 ETH and the potential rewards are great. Thanks to your contributions we will be collectively able to do a big sweep to the MEC floor as well and become proud owners of some super cool & amazing Meta Eagles that will be held & hyped for 7 months. Let’s make a difference together instead of waiting for miracles to happen (which are coming too!).

What do I get for minting the MEC Edition membership card?

The Galy 777 MEC Edition membership card is a token which features a 2 minute MEC themed fan-art video plus a still generative image of your serial number (each one is unique). The secondary market royalty fee will be 7.77%. You are free to pass on your membership at any time should you wish to or buy more cards from the secondary market to increase your potential stake in the collective Meta Eagles. I say potential because the 777 • MEPs that are granted for minting are not transferred with the sale of the membership pass. There is incentive to buy more than a single pass per wallet to increase the maximum number of Meta Eagles you are allowed to stake, therefore increasing your daily • MEP yield. Each pass can stake a maximum of 4 Eagles at a time (so each pass adds up to 4 additional • MEP per 24H). The membership card grants the holder access to the private Galy 777 chat room on the Galy 777 Discord server as well as access to all the exclusive features and shares outlined above & in the roadmap.

Who's on the team, are your recruiting & dox?

Currently the Galy 777 team consists of 3 people (2 creators & 1 marketing). We plan to recruit a lot of new talent from within the fan club. Come prove your worth and LFG! So far the main bulk of the work has been done and will be done by yours truly, VLRevolution. Feel free to follow & tune into my Twitch stream as I will be streaming Galyverse Meta Eagles content on Twitch! I am also going to be doing dev streams about building the Galy 777 Meta Club after we have successfully minted out. Come get to know me and let’s become friends! I am here, working hard all day long for all of our betterment and I am not looking to rug anybody. Galy 777 will be the exception where the founder is online 24-7 waiting to talk to everybody. But please be sensible: This is a somewhat original & experimental idea so there are no guarantees. Do not invest money you cannot afford to lose. Galy 777 is all about building the tightest & most dope community - that cannot be achieved without establishing some level of trust between all of us! Feel free to come ask any questions you may have or just chill with me! To end this section I have to mention that Gal Yosef is my superhero and over everything I am looking forward to helping Galyverse succeed with flying colors! If you agree and vibe with my message then this is the place for You! Come be part of history and help build the #1 NFT community from within the #1 NFT project!
Eagles Strong Together!